What’s The Difference?


Blue Butterfly wingsMany people get confused as to what it is I do. Am I “Butterfly Kisses” or am I “Columbine the Butterfly”? The difference is pretty simple. First, I am Columbine the Butterfly.  I am a children’s entertainer: a book bug, a birthday bug and bubble bug.

“Butterfly Kisses”  is my little online shop. So many people have asked me for my bubble solution secrets, bubble wands, costume wings like mine, etc. So the shop was the result of those many requests.  “Butterfly Kisses” is just a resource for many who would like to purchase a few things I have to offer.

So, in reality, I’m just creative all around. My first love is performing, whether by music, or by bubbles. I play a little of the bamboo flute, a traditional celtic pipe of sorts.  But I’m an all around craft fanatic and love handmade  and home made things.  “Why buy it, if you can make it yourself!” I always say!

My little shop is still in development. If you have a suggestion for what you would like to have me carry, maybe make something you can’t find that is bubbly or butterfly themed, just ask! I’m always open to new ideas! Always!

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