What’s Really Important

As parents, we get caught up in our duties as caretakers, providers and symbols of morality to our families. But when does noble become ignorance, foolishness? Where is that fine line?

insecure child

It is our duty to provide for our children, be symbols of truth and honor, loyalty and integrity. But when those missions become obsessions, it crosses that fine line. If we get so caught up on we must do that it consumes us to a point we stop listening to the hearts of our children, our mission is eschew.

As parents, we have a “duty” to the emotional well being of our kids in a greater way than their monetary needs. Teaching them life lessons comes with a price, a sacrifice. However, if that mission losses the ability to read the hearts and minds of our children, that mission can indeed become selfishness.

Being examples of integrity, honor and nobility is very important, but put the emotional needs of your kids first. Without their good emotional health, those life lessons miss the mark.

Never, blow off your kids complaints. Listen deeper. Sometimes, behaviors are signals something emotional is going on..and we aren’t getting it.

The best way to help your kids open up..and for the connection to be made, is to set our own agenda’s aside and acknowledge what our kids are feeling. Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. Their feelings are solely theirs and they need to know how they feel is ok. Then, slowly help them with a solution or see if something we are doing or not doing is causing the emotional issue. Sometimes, just listening without excuses or rebuttles are all they need. Sometimes a greater change is necessary.

Either way, remember, what you do and the example you lead can change generations to come. You will change the world, one life at a time. Start with the emotional well being of your kids. Listen with your heart, not just your ears.

**food for thought: What if the lessons we aim to teach our kids..were ordained to be life lessons for us instead? Consider a bigger picture.

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