About Us

Who is Columbine and Company?

Columbine and Company was formed in 2011, Formerly known as Columbine the Butterfly. Then, it was just Columbine, a butterfly princess, making massive bubbles for kids. In 2014, Columbine invited her friends from the Magic Kingdom to visit Colorado.

Big bubble 2013

Massive bubble 2013

Who are we really?

We are an elite team of actors/actresses, singers, cosplayers and creative artists that work together in bringing the best Character performances to Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

We are not just pretty faces dressed up in a costume, we are true performers with a heart to make kids smile; kids of all ages, Moms, Dads, Teens, Grandparents and best of all, the children that make OUR dreams a reality.

What do we do?

We bring the magic of every child’s favorite characters come to life in real touchable, tangable live performance. It’s about the passion inside of us, ¬†singing that song exactly how they remember it, it’s about that costume that is just like the movie, it’s about making that child feel like Cinderella is REALLY at their birthday party, their favorite superhero is real or Tinkerbell’s wings are real. It’s about the quality of our performance and costuming, the theatrical interaction of the cast that makes our visits come alive.

AND…..it’s about making the Parents and Grandparents feel as if they were a kid again, wondering if there really is a Neverland.


We are all Walt Disney Fanatics that follow what Walt himself said..

Do it better walt disney quote