They Go Fast!

Trying out my new Supreme Bubble wand making some pretty incredible bubblesThis Spring and Summer events are already in planning mode. Last year, many friends were disappointed to find their dates were already taken. And I was too. I hate missing birthday parties and events. This year, I want to make sure to be available at your event, so don’t delay, please book your event early! It’s a first come first serve kinda thing. We already have several days blacked out. Don’t forget to look at the booking calender and see what dates you need me and if I’m available before you order and pay for Big Bubble Entertainment. No one else makes them as big as mine, it’s a super secret recipe that has been tirelessly refined.

If you are not sure what to do for your child’s birthday, your picnic or outdoor event, consider big bubbles! This is not just your usual bubbles. These reach 20-40 FEET! If the conditions(no harsh wind) is right. The solution takes 48 hours to make and mature for a perfect huge bubble. I also want to make sure I have enough available for your event, so please, don’t wait until the last minute. I cannot ensure your event will have the famous big bubbles if you schedule last minute. We need at least two weeks prior to the actual event to ensure all our ducks are in a row, if you know what I mean!

This new season will also mean a new attire and new wands, so I have my work cut out for me. What colors do you think I should wear this year? Send me a message for any ideas you might have! I would love to hear them.

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