The Cost of Big Bubbles

Last summer was a huge blast. I broke my record for big bubbles creating a whopping 40 foot bubble. Now, huge bubbles like these are not easy. You need the perfect amount of wind and the right humidity to create such a monster bubble. You also have to use the right tools. A grand amount of research has gone into my big huge bubble creation. I don’t buy the solution already made, I make it myself. The solution takes two days to make and mature for the perfect bubble juice. This is another reason why last minute requests are almost not attainable for huge bubbles.


Huge big bubbles

The ingredients for the bubbles are not your common everyday ingredients. No, sorry, not gonna share my secret ingredients, but I will tell you that one of them are only made in the tropics, and another is not available in stores, ever. One ingredient that is essential for the huge bubbles, has risen prices. The chemical company(safe for kids) that makes it has more than doubled their prices. I’m not a happy camper, for sure, because this means higher entertaining prices for my spectators. And for families that are pinching pennies, that is bad news. This means higher prices per hour for birthday parties and company picnics that want the big bubbles.
Many non profit organizations hire me to entertain and blow my famous huge bubbles. I usually only ask for a donation for entertainment for them. Compensation for my supplies is usually given, but with this rise in costs, it is going to be a pinch if not a loss on my end. I’m currently looking for a good equal to this particular important ingredient, and testing out other companies. I hate costing you so much for the big bubbles. If I found an angel investor, I’d entertain non profits for free.


Columbine the Butterfly at the Colorado Renaissance Festival Parade for Children's Weekend in Larkspur Summer 2012

This year, I may not be entertaining at the Colorado Renaissance Festival as I have for Children’s weekend the past two years. The huge bubbles costing me more, I won’t be able to donate my time and resources to be there. When I am blowing bubbles for that festival in July in Larkspur, Colorado, it is not a paid position but more of a “guest cast” (volunteer) position. I spend 8 hours in the hot sun, or pouring rain to inspire spectators. I would like to be there again this year, but that depends upon compensation for my cost.


To make huge bubbles that are 20-40 feet, it costs me about $20-30 per hour, more this year, depending upon evaporation rate in the air this year. If we have a dry summer, it may be on the higher end. A huge bubble takes a lot of juice. The dryer the air, the more elasticity it will need, which means more special secret ingredient. I pray for a wet summer, or humid one.

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