The Biggest Bubbles in Colorado

I have been invited, with great pleasure, to perform at this year’s Spring Spree in Memorial Park, June 16-17th 2012. I am so thrilled to be a part this year. Have you ever been to Spring Spree? They usually broadcast it all over the local radio stations!

I will be creating my famous humongous bubbles. Depending on the weather, they tend to be somewhere between 20-40 feet long..OR huge bubbles bigger than any human body. Sometimes, in good weather, not to hot, to dry, to windy or dusty, I can make them big enough to fit a Ford truck into. ­čÖé

The magic is in the solution and the wand. I use a very expensive, very unique professional grade bubble solution created by a scientist friend of mine. He has traveled the world and tested his solutions(yes there are several) in all kinds of climates, weather conditions and elevations.

This particular solution is used by professionals such as Cirque Du Soleil. It takes a steady and calm hand and a bit of practice to keep a rather large bubble in the air in such a dry climate as Colorado. The key is the spin. If you can keep the moisture rotating in the bubble surface, the top of the bubble will not dry out immediately and break the surface tension.

The best times for bubble making is in the early morning when there is dew and just after or during a rain storm. When we are blessed with a rain storm that is not harsh and windy, you will find me standing in my back yard blowing huge bubbles that drift up into the sky for 5-10 minutes.

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