by Jessica Badea Torres on Columbine & Company, Inc.
OMG! Above and beyond.

This was our first time having a character coming and we were really excited. We had Ariel ,Little Mermaid in the pink dress and OMG she looked beautiful. We had no issues , she was on time, super sweet and friendly. I picked the mermaid tail for the present and I asked if was possible to have something that look like "real tail" or as close as they could , at the moment what they had in stock wasn't what I picture but the lady worked her magic and found one for me , she even drove to another county to find the fabric that I wanted, to whom I can't thank enough for doing that for us. Ariel sing for the girls and Lord what a voice, she sounds like in Disney movies , was absolutely beautiful. Girls had individual pictures with her and one group photo. I will definitely use this company over and over , really easy to work with, friendly staff , fast respond on any questions and go above and beyond to make the moment really special

Every little girl and boy is special. We treat your kids like they are our own. Thank you for allowing us to bring magic to your special day.

by Victoria Habib on Columbine & Company, Inc.
You guys were fantastic!!!

You guys were fantastic !!!!! Thanks so much for everything . Kids were so happy with Minnie and Mickey and me too ! We will contact you guys again for sure

Thank you Victoria. We are so pleased you enjoyed the characters and facepainting

by Brandy Ann Vahle on Columbine and Company, Inc.

When I started trying to plan my sweety's third birthday I had no clue what we would do but at no time had I considered hiring performers. I plugged my info into a party planning website and got a call from "Elsa". After hearing how much they love what they do and all of the fun stuff that they bring with them, I was sold. Hands down the best company of its kind in our awesome state! I actually spoke to several different companies like this one and none of them do so much for your kids to make it magical. They also drove all the way up from Co Springs to GREELEY for us which was incredible! Thank you so much ladies for giving her probably the most exciting day of her young life!! I was bordering on tears more than once due to her bubbling over joy! Can't thank you enough!!

by Nicole Nelson on Columbine & Company, Inc
We had Elsa come

We had Elsa come and surprise my daughter for her 5th birthday, and till this day of you ask her what her favorite part of her birthday is she will say Elsa coming to her party! Thank you guys for making her day extra special.

by Melissa Rollins Geary on Columbine and Company, Inc.
This is the company to use!

I've used this company for a princess party, it was outstanding.I used them last year for a Christmas party with Santa and the memories were unbelievable the Santa left an impression on my kids all year!I then used them for a star wars party and yet again AMAZING!!!

Now I'm writing because the same Santa just left my party and everyone is talking about how much they loved them! Still a huge hit and fantastic.This is the company to use! They are phenomenal. Of course there are always obstacles to overcome when throwing a party, I've seen some of the reviews about them being late but you should remember there are things that happen beyond their control. However, I have NEVER had an issue with this company. I love them! The owner is kind, organized and always in character. I will only book with this company.

Thank you Melissa. The snow and ice require longer travel times. You never really know what travel outside of your city will be like to a party in Pueblo or Denver. Most companies cancel in weather like we had today, but we didn't. Yesterday, we picked up two parties for 12 hour last minute bookings out of city because two other companies/individuals canceled.

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by Beth Holder on Columbine & Company

Hello, My Name Is Beth Holder. We Recently Attended A Baseball Game And Had No Idea What Impact It Would Have On Us. Please Read Our Whole Story. It Was On Saturday July 23, 2016. Pirates And Princesses Was The Theme. I Knew What The Theme Was Before The Game But Had No Idea You Guys Would Have The Actual Pirates And Princesses Show Up. I Coach Softball And For 2 Years In A Row I Have Taken My Team To A Game And They Get To Go On The Field And That Good Stuff. My Daughter Dressed Up As Elsa And My Son Was A Pirate. You See, My Daughter Is 2 Her Birthday Is Next Month And She'll Be 3. She Has A Mild Form A Cerebral Palsy. She Will Be Getting Another MRI August 3 Of Her Brain. She Has Dealt With Different Doctors Her Whole Life And Now May Be Getting Tubes In Her Ears For Having Tremendous Ear Infections. I Know You Probably Don't Want To Hear My Sob Story But I Just Want To Explain HER Story. Since She Has To Get Another MRI On Her Brain She Has Been In With SEVERAL Doctors Which Has Made Her Be So Attached To Me. She Refuses Anyone Else But Me. But, This Game....Changed Our Lives. Why? Because Of Your Princesses! She Practically Followed Them Around The Entire Game. Not A Single One Of Them Pushed Her Away Or Got Frustrated With Her. They Acknowledged Her Every Single Time. They Took Several Pictures With Her Until My Phone Had Died, Than Even Took Pictures On Their Phones And Sent Them To Me. Not A Single Princess Knew Her Story. They Had No Idea How Much She Loves Princesses Or How Often She Begged Me To Let Her Meet Them. As A Mom, I Knew That Was Her Only Wish Was To Meet Princesses I Knew I Couldn't Make That Dream Come True, Or At Least I Didn't Know How. It Broke My Heart That I Couldn't Make Her Dream Come True. None Of You Guys Or The Princesses Knew My Daughter Or Her Dream. But, At The Game It Was Life Changing For My 2 Year Old Daughter. These Princesses Got Down On Her Level And Made Her Realize That They're Just As Amazing In Person As They Are On TV. My Daughter Wasn't Feeling Too Good So She Started Crying, And Every Single One Of Them Wiped Her Tears Away And Made Her Feel As She Was The Most Important Person To Them. They Sat There For A Few Moments As I Stood Back In Tears Watching Them Interact With My Daughter, They Broke My Daughter Out Of Her Shell. I Have No Idea What They Were Talking About And That's Okay Because Now All She Talks About Is The Princesses. Now She's Not Afraid Of The Doctors. Now She Tells Me How Much The Princesses Love Her. Now All She Ever Wants To Wear Is Her Princess Dresses. And, Most Importantly She's No Longer Afraid Of Doctors. She Tells All Of Her Doctors About The Beautiful Princesses And How She Is A Beautiful Princess, Too! You May Be Wondering Why I Told You Everything, But As A Mom I Cannot Thank The Princesses Enough For A Life Changing Moment For My Baby Girl. Not Only Were They Amazing For My Baby But For Others Children, Too! Thank You For Putting On Such A Great Show And Amazing Princesses You Guys Will Forever Be In My Heart. Words Cannot Express My Gratitude.Sincerely, Beth Holder.

by Elisa Cramer on Columbine & Company
Unforgettable Frozen Party!

Wow is all I can say! Unbelievable crew of actors, our kids were on cloud nine! Their performance was awesome and the costumes were amazing! Beautiful voices, so fun to watch all the excitement and the crew had all the kids captivated for the full party! Susan was so helpful and flexible with planning, she really made it all come together! As for Hans, I think he stole a few of the girls hearts that day! Thanks Frozen Crew for making Lyla and Marley's birthday party unforgettable!~Elisa~

by Alea S. on Columbine & Company
Inside Out

We hired Joy from inside out for my daughter's 7th birthday in April 2016. She was amazing!!! The kids all loved her. She just jumped right in and started playing with them. All of the kids were so engaged the entire party they all had a blast!!! Joy even brought a special gift for my daughter which was the first present she wanted to open =) My daughter is still talking about how amazing it was. Best Birthday Ever.Thank you all so much, it was a wonderful experience =)

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