Rain is the Name of the Game

Yesterday was an amazing day in Manitou Springs. I don’t go up there often, and probably should. The “Manitou Mob” was a great success and the streets were packed with parked cars for lunch. Even the Gazette came out to capture images of the day.

Soda Spring ParkI headed out from where I live on the northwest side of Colorado Springs, and suddenly, it poured! After several minutes of a total dump of moisture, and a little prayer it would let up for just a few minutes so I can get my bubbles loaded into the butterfly-mobile(minivan), a little break occurred and I headed out for Manitou.  I had remembered where Soda Springs Park was, sort of, my children and I have visited there before when playing at the Penny Arcade.  With a map, I  found it easily (butterflies don’t have gps) and began to set up bubbling. But just as I got the bubble wands and big bubble juice in it’s special jar, bubble storm juice and hand bubbles in there huge container, it started to drizzle. The storm had followed me! Oh No!

heavy rain Colorado SpringsI stood under a tree hoping it would miraculously let up quickly, but it began to pour harder! Quickly, I covered the big bubble jar and wrapped up the wands in a bag and flew under the pavillion for shelter. It poured for a good 30 minutes at least. A little discouraged, I waited..along with several other young people and families hanging out and playing at the park. There were a few who enjoyed the rain and stood out in it for a cool, moist moment.

I knew, that when the rain finally let up, and it would, cause this is Colorado, that the intense amount of moisture everywhere would be a big boost to the bubble making. It did let up and I began pulling everything out from the base of the tree. Right away, the bubbles were big! I’m not talking 10 footers, I mean more like 30 footers! They were awesome! The moisture on the ground allowed the bubbles to softly settle to the ground and they just wobbled there..without popping. They lasted a good minute or so, just setting on the soil!

There were not many children there after the rain, but it was a fun day of bubbling. The parents that were used to the up and down antics of Colorado weather were still out and about with their kids. They didn’t mind the wet.  It was cool, but not cold, humid, but not sticky. It was perfect for bubbles, absolutely perfect. A few little girls even tried bubbling themselves. My mass of  bubbles inside of bubbles were fantastic too.  What a great day!
Colorado humidity being under 30% most of the time, bubbling outdoors is a challenge. Most parents have found that the Miracle bubbles you buy at your local store are really lousy here in Colorado. They are a pretty basic brand, but the low humidity has alot to do with it. You have to either doctor it up well or by a higher quality brand. So when you see bubbles bigger than you, it will really Wow you!

Dance in the rain

After finishing up at 4pm, (didn’t want to quit, it was so much fun) I put everything away and stumbled upon a little Natural and Organics Food store just across the street on Park Avenue. What a great place to grab some local produce and very low price, high quality organics food! And they had a huge variety for such a small store! I found the big pack of Organic Mixed Baby greens salad for $2.50! You know, the one that is usally $6 everywhere else? And Chavare Goat cheese for $2.00 a log! Love that with rye crisps! I found organic Ficattia bread for for just $1.50, sweet ripe black plums for 50 cents each, Bing cherries, apples, and sweet, juicy nectarines! Made me realize that buying produce locally really is better tasting! (Note to self)

The merchants there have really seen a decline in customers since the Waldo Canyon fire..and it is hurting them harshly. I encourage everyone in the Colorado Springs area to take just a couple of hours on their day off and go visit such a great, historical town, Manitou Springs! The smoke is clear and the embers are almost out! There is no danger! Come visit and eat amazing  food, play at the Penny Arcade with your kids and enjoy a quiet, relaxing and super artistic atmosphere. Manitou Springs is like a dimension all it’s own, don’t miss it!


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