Protect Your Kids

As a mother myself, it is incredibly important who you allow around your kids. Most mothers are super careful who is hired to be around them. Even still, other Moms don’t allow their kids to do sleep overs or go play at other people’s houses without knowing them well. The threat today, of your child being violated or hurt by someone you don’t OR even DO know, is high.

04-25-2012Fantasy character’s like myself, often pose without really showing who they really are. This to me, is a threat to the family. I, however, want you to know, who I am, in every way. I want you to know I’m a safe person, that I’m about protecting your kids, and that I’m willing to give you what ever background check or referral you need. I have been a part of the Colorado Springs, Colorado community for over 10 years. I have long time friends who have experience with my interaction with their kids. Several of them know my kids. These are available to you anytime you need them. Many organizations know me, that are reputable as well and can tell you who I am and if I’m safe.


Let me tell you that you can never completely protect your kids, but keeping a super watchful eye and listening to your “gut” will take you a long way. If you have a funny feeling about someone, you must listen to that little voice inside. A mother was given intuition for a reason. It is a maternal instinct that no other has.


The kids totally loved the flower favors I made them from glow in the dark pony beads

I have been a neighborhood watch captain, and have worked closely with the El Paso County Sheriff’s police department. What that really means, is that NO one can be a captain without a thorough background check and clean record. I think I cried for two days when I got my first (and only) traffic ticket. Volunteering at my daughter’s school as their “book bug” reading to classes about butterflies and other insects, you have to go through the volunteer process, including a background check. Vera Scott is VERY strict as to who comes and goes at that school. The doors are always locked and they have a camera on the front entrance at all times to see who is there before they buzz you in.


Playing imaginary characters is really fun, and having characters to help entertain your event is a great attraction, but you need to really watch who you hire..who you have around your kids. You never know even if a neighbor can hurt your kids. If you feel even in the least, uncertain about the safety of a person, you must ask lots of questions and always ask for a background check. The entertainer should always agree to provide this information. Most of the time, you can find out registered offenders online. Listen to your heart. Don’t ever, ever ignore that feeling that someone might not be OK for your kids.


If you, a family member, or someone you know, has been offended in some way, don’t be afraid to speak out. It is NEVER your fault you/they were violated. Don’t be afraid to talk to a parent, teacher or counselor about what has happened. Hiding it can make you feel ashamed and that person could possibly hurt someone else. Be brave, you can face it. If it’s not you, be an encourager and support them. Be available to the victim. Don’t be afraid, secrets are BAD.

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