Potty Training

So you are either clueless, uncertain, beginning that time as a new Mommy that requires going back to work and getting your child into daycare or completely frustrated because they are past the typical age and/or bed wetting. And it’s all ok to be there. The thing is, we, as women, want to know we are not alone, not bad mothers and what we are struggling with is ok. We need to know what other Moms have done and what might work for our kids.

Happy Childand positive encouragement.  Use positive input, use constant praise and rewards that increase with their abilities to do it themselves.Every circumstance is different, as the personality of the child is also very different. Boys and girls are also super different, obviously.  There are three things that are important: perseverance, patience 

I have three kids, now 15, 13 and 8 years old. Each one, having different personalities, in different situations. My oldest is a boy and his Dad made a game of shooting the can. (Influenced by my husband’s father years ago). Funny thing, cause it worked like a charm. Making it fun is always a good influence. Getting angry, frustrated or impatient can severely delay your child’s potty training and increase night time bed wetting. 

My middle child, a girl, is very soft spoken and shy. She would sometimes get up in the night, get confused and go for a walk, mistaking the kitchen chairs for a potty..I know it’s funny, but she was always so embarrased when she found out what she had done that night. We had to keep a baby monitor in her room to listen for her getting up and help her to the right room to go potty at night. 

My third child is a social butterfly, so active and hardly ever took a nap. She is a super self motivator(when she wants to)  and very much wanted to be a big girl and train herself. She often insisted on being in the bathroom alone. She is a big fan of chocolate, so we used M&M’s as a reward. That worked like a total charm! She was potty trained in just a couple of weeks.  

However, my youngest got a horrible virus at 3 years old that effected her with a high fever and bladder infection. She would often hold it to long and/or had accidents alot during the day and at night. It took patience and perseverance to help her through her embarrassments. She desperately wanted her potty training to stick, but the fever had damaged her keagle muscle. She stopped having accidents during the day but it took until she was 7 years old to finally end the night time bed wetting. 

What stopped them? My husband and I had to make the difficult decision and determination to either stay up at night or get up at night to take her to the potty at the same time every night..around 12am-2am. This worked after about 2 months or so and she was getting up on her own and going potty and going back to bed. We always left a night light path for her.

Here is a fun suggestion: take a string of christmas lights and string them along the floor (cool burning) from the child’s room to the bathroom. This way, the child is not awakened by bright lights, won’t be frightened by the dark as much and can find their way to and back. It’s a fun thing for them to look forward to in going potty at night. 

Drinking water at night is always a hard one as it encourages bed wetting. We live in Colorado, a very dry climate and it is very important to hydrate.  Doing so through the day is a must but keeping the water intake down at night is important too. After your children learn to go on their own, with no accidents, you can resume the late night drinks of water. If your bed wetter is still thirsty, offer ice chips to wet the pallet. 

I promise, you will look back and laugh..smile and cry a little. Hang in there! You are a great Mom! OH……and don’t forget to ….breathe…. 🙂

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