Life Giving Trees

There is one thing that is super important when creating big bubbles..did you’s the trees? Well, not all of it, it’s also about the secret ingredient. The trees help big bubbles!

treeMaking Gigantic huge-a-mungo bubbles takes the right weather, the right amount of wind, patience, quietness of heart and mind, the perfect bubble juice, the right cording that is specially treated AND most of all, air from the trees. Yep, you heard me right. There are tons and tons of disqualifiers for huge bubbles, especially in dry air, but the one key element is air from the trees. The ions that bind to the air given off from the trees lend to the bubble wall, allowing for the water molecules to stretch even helps keep the bond of the ions in the molecules so the film holds longer and stronger. (layman explanation) 

So next time you want to see the huge bubbles, remember, we need morning or evening humidity, a grassy area, a cool semi calm wind and near by trees. 

Columbine The Butterfly from Brave World Productions on Vimeo.

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