Let’s make Cake!

I bet your wondering, “does she really know how to make a party great for kids?”  Being a mother of 3, I have had my chances to create an awesome birthday, with gifts, cake, ice cream, craft and guests..outta a few measly bucks!

I have had my share of flopped cakes, and my share of amazing ones too!

 Barbie Princess Birthday cake

Now, I am no expert on fondant, but it takes practice, that is totally for certain. The adventure of making this particular cake made a huge splash when it was finally done, and my daughter will never ever forget it!

My hands were three different colors for several days, hand mixing the fondant. But it was soo fun to make.

I made a mixed berry home made from scratch cake, no  commercial mixes were at hand. The dome cake pan had actually broken so I cooked it in my stainless steel bowl. **Note, don’t do that unless you want to bake it at 325 degrees for two hours..or the middle will not be completely done while the outer layers will be dry as can be.

The Barbie Mariposa doll we bought separately. My daughter loves this one.

For the activity, we made gummy shapes, with knoxx gelatin and koolaid packets, poored the concentrated goo into candy molds and zapped them with cold air for 10 minutes in the freezer.

I think that particular one was asked for more than once at our family birthday activities.


For the table cloth you see under the Barbie cake, I bought some by the yard pvc vinyl table cloth material from Joann Fabrics in the thick mill, and used my daughter’s sparkle curtains underneath.  I gutted some dollar store flowers and laid them sandwiched between the materials.

Sometimes, especially in our economy, we find our birthday budget pretty tight, so use what you have on had in a pinch and make it fantastic. The best birthdays are usually not made of money, but made with a creative mind’s eye and a loving heart.


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