Iced Over

kids splinter

If you are a Mommy like me, you have kids that get splinters from time to time. When kids are that young, getting them to allow you to remove a painful splinter can be a challenge. The pain of a splinter is like a small fire in the skin. Any movement in or around it causes pain. So naturally, the child will resist anyone touching it much less putting any tweezers near it to pull out the tiny splinter.

ice cube

A trick I learned with my kids, is to numb the area. Baby ambisol is a good one to use topically,  it does the trick long enough to help numb the area. When you are a paramedic or in a tight place where any topical anesthetic is unavailable, there is one thing that is almost always available that will not interfere medically or present any The cold feels really good to the child on that fiery hot pain and numbs the area if used long enough to allow the splinter to be removed.

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