HeART of Colorado Art Expo and 5K Fox Run

It’s been an exciting summer, and fall is finally here. But our fun is still not at an end. We are having a blast blowing bigger bubbles that ever before. 

This coming October 5th is the Fox Trot 5 K run at Fox Run Park in Black Forest. There is an Art Silent Auction, a competition, demostrations and expo with fun things to do and see there after. 

We a full lineup of entertainment including several local bands and the Colorado Springs Children’s Choral. But we still need some vendors to help raise money for the fire victims at Black Forest. The Children’s area is lead by yours truly! It is geared primarily toward the psychological recovery for the kids. 

Black forest fire victim

Many of the children have lost their homes and belongings..and even though they seemed to have overcome it somewhat, and some of their items replaced, they still have deeply hidden trauma from the experience. This event is for them. There will be crafts and activities geared to help them deal with those deeply hidden emotions. 

Trauma can hide for years and finally come out in ways that can be ugly. They can not only hurt the person but others around them. Like a rumor, a seed of pain can grow and fester into a monster. We want to help the kids deal with it while it’s still fresh.

Even the kids from the Waldo Canyon Fire can come and experience some fun activities that may help heal. 

It’s all about them. We will have some fun fairy wings for the kids to make, a board where kids and family can recreate a “community” house with their own tailored building block. We will have a few games and other crafts to make and have fun with. Come see Lily Blossom Flower, and a few other fairy friends. I will be there with lots of bubbles and some for you to blow too.

Can’t wait to see you there! Visit the website at http://www.heartofcolorado.org/ 


If you would like to be a vendor for the event..it’s only $90 (Display artists free) and it goes directly to the victims..not paying anyone anything in between. Learn more here

I will have a giveaway and copies of my famous bubble recipe for all who attend. Come see me!

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