Healing Mountain Shadows

Today I had the pleasure of blowing bubbles for the Mountain Shadows Community at Mountain Shadows Park. This effort was to help bring the community together and begin the healing process from the loss and damage of the Waldo Canyon Fire. The event was not a huge one, but was an immense success.  Verizon sponsored the event along with several other non profit and community organizations.

The event was on a perfect day, not to hot, not to cold, not windy, just right. It was heart wrenching to see the burn scars so incredibly close to the homes and community. The images of the fire on the news that aweful week just kept running through my mind’s eye.

Bubble stormAs I began blowing bubbles, a crowd began to gather. Children love bubbles, no matter how old. I blew bubbles from my bubble storm wand, releasing thousands at once, my grande bubble wand and my brand new Supreme wand. The medium sized Grande wand makes 3-12 foot bubbles giving the ability to blow bubbles inside of bubbles. I can also blow snake bubbles that can reach 20-40 feet long! Those are my favorite. The huge Supreme bubble wand was inspired by a UK friend, SamSamBubbleman.


The kids loved cheering on a bigger bubble than the last.  I spent four wonderful hours blowing an unending cycle of big bubble, long bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles and bubble storms. I left a bucket of play bubble juice with two big bubble wands from my grab and go kits on the side of my boundary circle for them to try it out themselves.


There was one little girl in particular that sticks out in my mind. A very sweet blonde girl with a missing smile. She wanted to smile, but there was something blocking her joy. You could see it in her eyes. That block, I soon found out, was that she lost everything she owned in the fire. When I found out, my heart got stuck in my throat. I fought back the tears as I gave her a very special gift. It was hard to think of my own kids loosing their belongings..everything.


I had brought the last of my Skate City Summer Passes to give to the kids who lost their homes. Handing her a pass, I just felt like I wanted to give her something else..like my heart for instance. My gosh, I just wanted to hold her, love her and tell her it will be all ok.  Swallowing my tears, I forced a smile and gave her my biggest pink butterfly from my collection of butterfly buddies I wear in my hair. It was a very special large glittered, painted and acrylic ice resin covered butterfly clip I made by hand myself. I wanted to give her my heart. Change everything..It just wrenched my heart to know what she was going through.


This day has made me realize that what I do is more than me. It’s them. It’s all about the kids: it’s about family. It changed everything and made me rethink what matters most. I don’t live up in the Mountain Shadows area, but in the Sundown area on the opposite side of Colorado Springs. But I hope that I can help them, in my small way, to rebuild that community with love and unity like Colorado Springs has never seen before.


Here’s a big huge hug from Columbine the Butterfly to all the kids in the Mountain Shadows Community.

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Healing Mountain Shadows — 1 Comment

  1. Susan
    Bless you for the talent you have that gives joy to God’s little ones. (and some of the big ones too)