Featured Artist: Jewellery by ME, Sarah

Featured Artist this week is Jewellery by M.E. Sarah was diagnosed with M.E. In 2008 and began designing & making  jewellery. This has helped her on the road to recovery. Hence the name ‘Jewellery By M.E’. All her designs are unique one of a kind designs.

Sarah makes some really bright and beautiful children’s bracelets. This year’s trends are full of color and many are psychodelic in nature. If you are looking for something to give your daughter, consider taking a peek at Jewellery by M.E.  

Childrens jewellery best friends bracelets

Best Friends Bracelets

Girls stretch heart bracelet childrens jewellery

Girls Stretch Heart Bracelet

Girls stretch flower bracelets childrens jewellery

Girls Stretch Flower Bracelet

children's jewellery girls stretch butterfly bracelet

Girls Stretch Butterfly Bracelets

Girls Stretch cubed bracelets children's jewellery

Girls Stretch Cube Bracelet

Pink and Black striped bracelet

Pink and Black Striped Bracelet

Children's neon braided bracelet

Children's Silk Neon Braided Bracelet

Children's Jewellery beaded flower charm bracelet

Girl's Beaded Flower Charm Bracelet

Childrens Jewellery Beaded licorice beads bracelet

Licorice Beads Children's Bracelet

Find Jewellery by M.E. at all of these places!

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