Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

We serve all of Southern Colorado and surrounding areas. We are willing to travel outside of the Colorado State Area, however, please call us to make arrangements. Client is responsible for all travel expenses for out of state performances.


Can I customize the Activities?

Yes, but only up to 48 hours before the party date. We try to stick to the prearranged schedule, but are open to adjusting the program for your needs at your event. Please make sure to let the events coordinator know what you need at the time you reserve your space with deposit. No last minute changes will be allowed.


Is there a travel fee?

If travel outside of the city of Colorado Springs is required, a travel fee of $.40/ mile will apply. Events more than 100 miles are charged $.50/mile round trip. If you are out of the Colorado area, please contact our office for travel and accomodations arrangements.


Can I request a specific date or time?

Absolutely! However, while we will take all performer requests into consideration, we cannot guarantee a specific time or date due circumstances beyond our control. We may ask to change time/date due to business considerations. If a performer is not available, we will make arrangements for another doable reservation.


Could I request additional time?

Our performances are typically 30-90 minutes long and $20 per additional 15 minutes. You may ned to upgrade your package if you would like more activities for your additional time. When booking your event, please let the coordinator know if you would like to have the entertainer stay for more than the package time allows. Additional time is suggested if your guest count exceeds maximum allowed guests per package.


Do you do birthdays at the park or outdoors?

Yes we do, however, not when the temperate exceeds 90 degrees, the ground is muddy, the wind exceeds 30 mph or if temperatures are under 30º. At park parties, please make sure that there is plenty of cool shade for the performer since he/she is wearing heavy costumes. Table and chairs for face painting/glitter tattoos must be protected by the shade of a tree or covered canopy at all times. If you need a canopy for the character or face painter, please let the event coordinator know this when you make your reservation. The area must be grassy and free of thorny bushes, weeds, mud, or standing water. Bubble parties will need a 50 foot area for proper bubbling fun.


What if I have to cancel?

Once we receive your deposit, we will reserve your desired time and date for you on the performers schedule. Once you have booked with us, and you decide to cancel, we will retain 50% of your deposit or gladly work with you to find an alternate party date for your consideration, based on availability. Rescheduled parties must be within a 12 month period.
If you cancel our services less than 7 days prior to your event, your entire deposit in non-refundable unless rescheduled. If you event is rained out, we can arrange an alternative performance or character or reschedule.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, including credit cards. There will be a $35 fee for all returned checks. 50% is due to reserve a character for your party. The remaining 50% is due the day of the party. Gratuity is appreciated but not required.

Full payment upfront is due for larger events such as Expos, Corporate parties and Festivals.  If you require an insurance certificate for your event or W-9, please email us at info@columbineandcompany.com


How many children can you entertain?

In order to give each child the attention they deserve, we suggest that you have up to 15 children per Party for a single entertainer. Larger party packages allow for up to 25 children. If you plan on having more than 25 guests, there is a $5 per child fee.
If you have any other questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact our events coordinator.

If you schedule a party and siblings and friends come, please be aware that we charge an additional $5 per child past 15 or 25 depending upon the package maximum guest allowance. Ages 0-23 months have no additional charge.


What if I have more than one Birthday Child?

There is a $20 fee per extra Birthday child to include the extra Birthday gift. $15 without a gift. Please note: The party was hired for the child named. If there is another child without notice, the entertainer may not recognize that child as the “star” of the party with songs, gifts or pictures. We don’t want another child to feel left out, please let us know if there is another who’s birthday will be shared at the party.


What if the performer gets sick?

We are a team with several cast that can and will cover another sick cast member. However, as we get busy, we may need to reschedule to avoid getting your children sick. We are Moms too, but also understand the priority for keeping your kids healthy. We will use sanitizer to keep your kids well as well as ourselves.

Many of our roles are extremely trained and must be filled by only qualified cast. We don’t cancel often, in fact we strive not to ever cancel. However, during the flu season, it is better to reschedule than spread a nasty virus that makes your kids sick, you sick and ultimately keeps you home from work. Please be understanding if the hard decision is made and we put your kid’s health first.


Terms and Conditions


The client agrees to inform Columbine & Company of any other party entertainment or of the presence of a bounce house that client may be using.
Note: Although these things can be an added attraction to one’s event, they can be a major distraction for the entertainer during story time, singing or outdoor activities. The client agrees that a bounce house will need to be off-limits to children during a performer’s story time and the client will provide assistance for the performer during the face painting activity. To keep it fair, children’s hands will be numbered during face painting, and performer will need assistance in having children ready when their number is called.



Due to our performers having strict schedules, the client’s party timeline must coordinate with Columbine & Company’s
entertainment. This includes serving lunch. It is important that a client starts their party at least 30 minutes prior to the performer’s arrival. If you intend on serving food, please make sure to do so before the entertainer arrives.  If this is not possible, please discuss with your booking representative upon booking.



Client must abide by Columbine & Company time frame. A client must refrain from disrupting a performer’s start time, nor delay them from leaving. Failure to comply may result in the client being billed $2 per minute. If you decide during the party, that you would like the performer to stay for additional time , and that they are available, the cost is $20/ 15 minutes and will be charged the day of the party via cash or credit card.

If in the event, the overtime fee is due, an invoice will be sent to you after the party. Failure to pay fees or charges will result in suspension of our services. We never want this to happen, so we do try to work with you. If you cannot pay the fee, please call our office: Colorado Springs 719-354-8990 or in Denver 720-772-8990



The Columbine & Company entertainers are hired as performers. It is not our responsibility to make sure your children stay involved in the acitivities. We try hard to keep their attention with action, music and involvement. If your party includes children with a wide range of ages(2-12), understand that one or the other age groups may get board. We recommend that you hire another entertainer to manage a separate age group for older/younger children.
Our performers are refined actors and models, not trained governesses. As such, clients must monitor any disruptive guest’s behavior. This includes asking your adult guests to be quiet during a musical performance. It is difficult to hear the music and singer when many guests are talking.

However, if you require sitter services, we do have referal services of other businesses and community partners. Please inquire if you are interested in aquiring other services for your party or event.



If serving lunch, please notify us if something with a staining agent is being served. All of our costumes are elaborately made; custom creations and some food will fatally damage a costume. Please serve food before the character arrives as not to disrupt the activities.



Please notify us if glues and paints will be used which can also damage a costume.



We do our best to make sure that our performers are on time for your event. Therefore, please notify us of any unusual traffic situations in your area that we may not know about that may have a negative impact on a performer reaching your destination on time.
Example: Road Construction/blocks, Parades, Stadium, Amusement Park, Highway or road that may have a lot of traffic etc. This will help in making sure your performer is at your event on time. Failing to mention traffic conditions as stated above that you are aware about may result in tardiness.  If a party is scheduled during rush hour times, there may be a 5-10 minute delay. However, we will fullfill our time slot fully up to 20 minutes.



For Birthday parties, a 50% deposit is required when a reservation is made. The final payment is due the day of the party or event. You may pay in cash or credit card. It is important to have their payment ready upon leaving. All payments may be made to: Columbine & Company. Gratuity is not included in the final bill, but is certainly appreciated in letting your performer know how much you enjoyed the performance.

For larger events, payment is due in FULL the day you make your reservation. We do not accept payment via USPS after the event. If you choose to send us a check in the mail to reserve your event, please note that your reservation will not be set until the check is processed. This may cost you the time you want for the characters. We highly recommend that you pay online via our secure link sent to you via email. We DO NOT keep credit card information on file.



1. Payment is due to the performer the day of by cash or credit card from the client. An invoice will be sent to you by email prior to your event.
2. For all payments not paid by cash or check, the client will be billed a 3% credit card transaction fee.
3. There will be a $35 charge for all returned checks.



Performers must be shaded and hydrated for all outdoor parties where the temperature is hot. A performer must be kept out of any muddy, thorny areas or away from water. But this does not include near ponds and lake parks. A non park chair must be provided for all park parties.

Mascots may not be outdoors longer than 1 hour. Please take note of this when hiring a mascot or Hooded character in the hot summer months. This is to prevent heat stroke. If you require a longer period, be aware they will be taking a break at the top of the hour and cooling off for 10 minutes.



Performers are not permitted outside during extreme temperatures, high wind, heavy rain or lightning, when it is blowing more than 40 mph, where it is very wet or exceeding 90 degrees or during colder weather than 30º. If you are having your event outdoors, to prevent heat/cold-related illness, please make sure that there is plenty of cool shade and iced water available for the performer since they are wearing heavy costumes and wigs. Due to heavy rain, all outdoor parties must be rescheduled or moved to a nearby indoor location. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Columbine & Company at least 24 hours prior by email of this change. Please also keep in mind that due to a location change, a performer may run later than expected.



All clients must have their phones available the day of the event. If we cannot contact you, you may miss important information.



Once we receive your deposit, we will reserve your desired time and date for you on the performer’s schedule. If you decide to cancel, we will retain 50% of your deposit or gladly work with you to find an alternate party date for your consideration, based on availability. If you cancel our services less than 7 days prior to
your event, your entire deposit is non-refundable unless rescheduled.



Upon booking, we will do our best to guarantee a certain performer and character. However, booking is not fully guaranteed as illnesses or personal situations can arise. If your scheduled performer is not able to make it, we will do our best in replacing her with another performer as the character your requested. Please
note that not all of our performers sing. So if you request a singing performer and she falls ill, we cannot guarantee that we can replace her with another singing performer.



All requested changes must be submitted in writing to info@columbineandcompany.com.
Changes will not be made until we respond back to you in acknowledgement. If for any reason you need to contact us during the weekend, please try texting us at 719-425-9611 for a quicker response. Our business hours are Mon-Fri. Sat-Sun are “on call” hours. We will try to respond to your communication on the weekend, but please be advised that we are on duty an may be in a performance.



We cannot guarantee that all deposits will be processed immediately, as we do get extremely busy from time to time. It is therefore the client’s responsibility to make sure that the funds are available, especially when using a debit card. We accept all major credit cards, money orders and with exceptions, checks. There will be a $35 fee for all returned checks.



Upon booking, the number of guests is set between the client and Columbine & Company. It is therefore the responsibility of the client to give as accurate as possible amount of children invited, and to notify us if anything changes in writing. This includes both decreases and increases in numbers. Failure to notify us of additional children will result in the performer limiting the number of children to 15 during the face paint time, unless the performer is given verbal consent by the client to stay longer. Please keep in mind that our 90 minute parties are designed for up to 15 children. This time includes bubbles, face painting or other pre-arranged and agreed upon activities. If a client has more than 15 and still wants the activity, an additional half hour is required. If the client chooses to omit one activity and opt for tattoos, the performer can accommodate up to 20 children in 90 minutes. Client agrees to keep guest count to 20 children or less for the performer (this does not include infants and toddlers or teens).


17. MUSIC:

For all large parties, it is important that there is no loud music playing during the performer’s story time. If music is playing, we suggest putting the performer and children in a quiet location during this time so that the children can focus on her and get the best experience possible.



For all school parties, it is important that the classroom schedule matches our performers in order to prevent any delays. Ex. Snack time. It is important for the client to notify your child’s teaching staff of our time-line.


Now with all that out of the way! Just sit back and watch us work our magic!

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