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Columbine and Company was formed three years ago through the love of a child. My 12 year old daughter inspired me to find my inner child and find my imagination again. With a husband who suffered from cancer, this joy of bringing magic to the lives of children through reenactment of their favorite princess or super hero brought joy to our lives in ways we did not imagine. 


We have increased our theatrical team and now its time to put on the ritz.  We want to bring the joy of Disney and our favorite Characters to Colorado Springs in a way that our city has never seen. 


What We Need

We need quality, high class costumes that impress and the training to be the best in the biz. All kids from all levels of incomes deserve to benefit from our endeavors, we try to keep our prices low but pay our cast what they are worth. This often leaves little left for new exciting costumes for characters we know and love. Your Contributions will pay for:


• High Quality Custom Costumes and/or quality fabrics for making costumes.

• Voice instructors for better singing of your favorite songs

• Choreographers to bring our performance to the next level.

• Photography provisions so you can see where we have been, what characters we have brought to Colorado Springs and events we have done.

I’m Susan. I am owner and seamstress, and pour much of my own household income into the biz. I won’t be taking a cut for the first year, instead putting all of it back into the costumes and paying each cast member. I can often make a costume with the quality that is required, but sometimes you just want it right from the right artist. A quality costume custom can cost from $200-400. Some of our cast need to brush up on stage and voice skills, this requires a good Choreographer and voice teacher. 


All of the contributions given will go directly to Costumes and instructors. Not a cent will be held by the owner or the cast. 


As a theatrical troupe of sorts, we want to bring princess and character events to a higher level. Not just a pretty face dressed up on a costume, but a well trained, well seasoned actor/actress performing out a child’s favorite scene, singing and dancing.


 Our Favorite person, Walt Disney said it best  “What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

First impression always has an impact. What was it they always said? Dress for success?


On another side of this coin, if we don’t meet our goal here at indiegogo, a larger percent of the donations go to them, and not us. Can you spread the word and help us reach our goal and make your dollars stretch further?


What You Get

For $50 Contributions, we will send you an autographed 8×10 photograph of your favorite character.


For $100 Contributions, we will send you a gift certicate for a 30 minute pop in visit from your favorite character. Good for a Year. 


The Impact

Many of our cast are theatrical students. The more well trained and fitted cast members we have, and the higher quality of our performance, the more opportunity we will have to donate our time to charities such as the New Children’s Museum, the Toy drives at Christmas and the Pikes Peak Library.


Columbine the Butterfly(Our original Princess for Colorado Springs) has become famous with her bubble performances. She has donated numerous hours to the Colorado Balloon Classic, the Waldo Canyon Fire Aid Festivals for families that lost their homes and with the Black Forest Fire Benefits. 


We want to bring the magic to Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs deserves the best! We have teamed up to strive toward that goal. 


Imagine the life long memory Elsa will have on a little girl’s 7th Birthday party. Or meeting Thor for his 9th birthday! Kids can see the quality in what you do, what you wear and how you do it! 


Even more! We want to bring ALL the princesses to the Chapel Hills Mall throughout the year! Help us make that a reality. Wouldn’t it be grand to see Belle and the Beast waltzing in the center of the Mall, while Mrs. Potts sings that song…”Beauty and the Beast”..?


Risks & Challenges

Creating the magic with fairytale and superhero characters is joyful, but not as easy as it looks. We have to live up to the name and face. The movies demand the standard of costumes and performance we must keep. Kids notice if your braid is on the wrong side or if you sang the song “Let it go” wrong. It has to be perfect for them to see the magic(especially the older kids). The performer has to have just the right personality to bring the character to life. 


As a long time costumer, there is a difference between that plastic flimsy sheild and the shiny metalized one. And there is a huge difference between costume satin and crepe back or bridal satin(the good stuff). Artists that build authentic pieces,  deserve to be paid for their work. Hours of time go into custom made costumes. This is what we are looking for and what will bring rich theater to the kids we love so much. 


Other Ways You Can Help

We know that some can’t contribute financially, but you CAN let your friends and family know about our effort to improve our entertainment quality for our kids..for your kids. 

Will you help us bring magic to Colorado Springs? Click here

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