Circle of Influence

Have you ever met someone who has a strong presence..and it made a lasting impression on you? Have you ever had the opportunity to do the same for someone else?

It is important for us to live a life worthy of our calling, whatever that is. Why? As a children’s entertainer, I often will make an impact upon those lives I touch, children and adults. So many people are searching for significance. They need to follow a hero, a leader to help find their own path. The question is, how are you impacting others you meet? What kind of influence are you making on kids and adults alike?

glittered heads, new friends

Even though the little girl spoke only Spanish, and I did not, we still became good friends.  Touching a heart is more valuable than words that are spoken

If you want to have an impact upon others in a dramatic and lasting way, sometimes it takes an outstanding and giving heart. Sacrifice is often required. Volunteering may be your way to do this, and it comes with a cost. The cost will be your time, a bit of money and sometimes pain or hardship. But the long term gain far out weighs the short term loss.

Being a children’s entertainer is highly gratifying. Some only serve self, but the self-less serve others.  These people are the ones that impact lives the most.  If you live life, serving yourself, it will catch up to you. You will find yourself, still lonely, empty and unfulfilled down the road. But a life filled with giving to others, impacting others, will leave you feeling fulfilled, happy and it fosters self maturity.

Impacting others cannot be done as a target element, but a bonus of a life of giving. If you aim to impact often will do the opposite. In other words, giving to get back is still selfish. So the giving heart must do it without asking anything in return. Then it is truly a pure and giving heart.


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