“Are you a Fairy?”

Columbine smelling the flowersThere are many children who ask me the question “Are you a fairy?” Some just call me a fairy, some call me a moth, some call me the tooth fairy. Allow me to set the record straight and tell you what I am and am not.

butterfly wings

First, I am a representation, a mirror or reflection of new life, a life restored and renewed. I am a natural symbol of a changed life, set free to thrive in the sun, the source of life. I am not magical, mystical, mythical or ethereal.  I am a creature of the day; a symbol of beauty and grace.

I am not a fairy, I do not have pointed ears. I cannot shrink down.  I don’t have pixie dust, but I do love sparkly things. I do not live in trees or mounds, but I am sheltered by the trees and find refuge within their branches. I live among the flowers. I am not a supernatural being, but, I am a noble creature. I do not steal or borrow without permission, I give.  I am not temperamental, I am gentle. I am a loyal friend, an advocate for laughter.


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“Are you a Fairy?” — 1 Comment

  1. How nice presentation! I think your symbolic presence of changing and motivating human’s life plays a big role to achieve something excellent and most desired. Thanks for being an inspiration of the children but I prefer your advocacy for make laugh them. I wish to get you in my life as I need it very much. Thanks.