Columbine the Butterfly Princess is the original Princess Character of Colorado’s own state flower and state butterfly. She is known for her enormous bubbles and her heart for children.

Since our launch in 2011, We have invited Serenity the Angel, Meriposa, Cinderella, Tinker Fairy and her Fairy friends, The Ice Queen and Erindale Princess, Snow White and several other Fairytale and Castle Princesses to join us here in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Columbine flower Hairstreak butterfly Fairy tail princess

Columbine is often seen all over Colorado. You might catch a glimps of her at the Denver Botanical Gardens, Festivals, Fairs, Parades and many many Birthday parties. She loves reading to kids at a local library or elementary school. You also might find her at book or craft fairs and nearby gardens.  Columbine especially loves birthdays and tea parties by request.

Columbine is a bubble artist. Her bubbles have been seen at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, Spring Spree in Colorado Springs, Balloon Classic, Ranchos De Las Golondrinas Santa Fe Renaissance Festival, block parties and community festivals, non profit events, private parties and many parks around Colorado.  

Her famous huge bubbles are truly magical. You might wonder..what is her record? For 2013, her record for the biggest bubble was 50 feet. But the Bubble Storms are serious crowd pleasers. A must see!

 “The Possible’s Slow fuse is Lit by the Imagination”

                     by Emily Dickenson

 **Have you had a magical moment with Columbine? Could you spare a minute to submit your experience with her or impression of her? Thank you so very much!

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