A Sticky Bubble Recipe

Yesterday, I was invited to blow bubbles with a few of the children from Scott Elementary School for their success celebration of the summer reading program. The participants could pick three of four activities during the 45 minute fun time at school. I was the “surprise” option.

They had a blast, and so did I, but I was so incredibly sticky, it was not funny. The bugs in the field had a field day with the sugar content in the solution. I don’t usually use any corn syrup in my solution, but I knew the amount of concentrate I had on hand that I use in my recipe, was not enough. So using a few tips from some friend bubblers I have met this last year, I tried the sweet one. Boy was that a mistake.

In Colorado, the humidity is so low, I have to compensate with the recipe in a few ways. The elasticity has to be super stretchy. The evaporation rate has to be slowed in some way as well. ┬áThe mix I make is not what you would usually make if you lived in Oregon or in Florida. Most Colorado residence have never seen such big bubbles because it’s so dry here.

So the corn syrup in the recipe worked very poorly. All we ended up with was a really sticky mess and the kids were frustrated with the condition of their hands at the end of the session. I was too. The amount of bugs attracted to the solution was more than I have seen this summer in one spot. The sugar was dense and only weighed the bubbles down in our high altitude.

Note to self: No! Corn syrup. Stick to the original recipe! ­čÖé

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