A Spanish Flair

This coming weekend, September 22 and 23, is the 2012 Santa Fe Renaissance Fair at El Rancho Del Las Golodrinas. This historical ranch in the outer skirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a wonderful piece of New Mexico’s history. The museum is a perfect setting for the fair.

Rancho de las Golodrinas

During this weekend, every year, I transform into a spanish butterfly named “Dorada Meriposa” which in Spanish means Golden Butterfly. ┬áMy wings are of the Sandia Hairstreak butterfly, a coral/gold and lime green velvety mix. My dress transforms into the state flower for New Mexico, which is the yucca flower.

Sandia hairstreak butterfly

yucca flowers

This year will be better than last. I’m so excited to share with the King and Queen our new find for huge bubbles. This year is promising to be amazing. Even though the weather is hot and the climate dusty and dry, we hope to achieve the biggest bubbles that New Mexico has ever seen. This year’s record for Colorado has been 40 feet long and 20 feet in Diameter.

If your in New Mexico, be sure to visit us at the Santa Fe Renaissance Festival! Better go, got some bubble practice to do and some petals to finish!


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