A Heart that Gives

Today, we were headed to school in our little minivan and my daughter says..”that’s just the way it is..” I told her a favorite prayer I always remind myself and pray often.Serenity Prayer


Kids today are overwhelmed by technology, bad attitudes of others and selfish behaviors. Teaching kids unselfish behavior and giving out of what you have can be a hard and daunting task. But not impossible. It is extra ordinary for a child to give out of what little they have or what much they have in today’s society.


We do what we learn as a child..all our lives. The older we get, the harder it is to learn new ideas, mindsets and behaviors. So start early. Teach your kids to give unselfishly to those in need..to a non profit, to a favorite radio station that may not be sponsored with ads, etc. Give your kids the opportunity to learn the deep joys of giving. Even if they have no money to give, set the example by volunteering on a consistent and regular basis. Kids that grow up seeing and doing acts of kindness, will turn out to be compassionate, soft hearted adults with love for those that may not be so unlovely.


We all have ideal lives we want for our children as youth and as adults, kids learn by example, so be that example and teach them wisely. Here are some fun items from Etsy I thought you might enjoy that have A Little Serenity for Everyone

A little Serenity for Everyone

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